Originally from Paragould, Ark., author and entrepreneur Charlotte Canion was raised in Dallas, Texas., the product of a Catholic mother and a former Marine drill-sergeant father. From the mother came strong Christian values and a love of family. From her father — who lost both parents early — she was bequeathed a kind of survivalist resilience and a “nose-to-the-grindstone” work ethic.

After raising three children, Mrs. Canion used her inherited work ethic in the business world; she has bought and sold several businesses over the years, ranging from a packaging and shipping business, to managing dozens of models in the spokes-model industry. Following her recent retirement as an event planner for a large corporation, she now runs a start-up business, www.basketjacket.com, selling her patented invention — insulated and colorful jacket covers for hanging plants. This dovetails nicely with her passion for gardening. As an award-winning certified master gardener, she volunteers much of her time teaching gardening tips and techniques to novice gardeners throughout the North Texas area.

Mrs. Canion is very active in her church and local community and has served in various capacities on many boards and associations. A naturally creative and spiritual person, her faith-based writing has resulted in several published stories and poems. Her major work, YOU HAVE TO LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING, is a project that has lingered in her mind and heart for many years, and is based on her own personal experiences assisting her parents with dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Inside, she shares anecdotes and advice to help other “parenting parents” build and reinforce happy memories by remembering to find humor during an otherwise arduous and often overwhelming end-of-life journey. She reminds us all that — when our parents are gone — all we have left are memories. This book will help ensure that the memories we have of our parents remain cherished ones.

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"Charlotte is one of the most driven, compassionate, and unselfish people I have had the pleasure of knowing for more than twenty years. She always goes out of her way to help others in need. Caring for people and doing things for them is what she does best and her faith in our Lord motivates her daily. She has dreamed of writing this book for many years and now she is sharing her stories with the world."

Shannon Schmidt
Assistant Vice President
Lone Star Candle Supply, Inc.

"I highly endorse "You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying - How To Parent Your Parents" to all children of aging parents. Seeing yourself and the pressures you are facing from a humorous viewpoint gives both release from anxiety and insight into personal management. Charlotte has spent time in the trenches learning to cope while holding on to your humor and delivers laughter, instruction, and tenderness as she presents her own story of life with parental Alzheimer's and Parkinson's."

Keitha Story-Stephenson PhD
BlueSky Wellness Center
SkyBlue Family Ministry
Radio Host of "Feeding the Family-Mind, Body and Spirit"

"I have known Charlotte for only six years, but it seems like I have known her forever, simply because she is so willing to share her heart. That's exactly what she does in her writing as well; she shares her heart completely and beautifully with the reader. Through Charlotte's stories, I hope you get to know her and thank God for the wonderful lady He has placed in your life. "

Diane Schwind
Co-founder of Balanced Families Ministries

"I am honored to call Charlotte 'friend' for over a decade. I find that whatever Charlotte puts her 'hands' to turn to gold. She has the God-given talent of creativity with a generous portion of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm. She masters whatever comes her way, first with her gorgeous smile and dazzling personality, and, second with wisdom. Tools that are essential for success. Keep rocking the world, Charlotte. I am one of your best fans."

Sherry Lemon
County Clerk/ Local Registrar, Wise County

"In her book, "You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying - How To Parent Your Parents," Charlotte Canion shows how our family roles change as time goes by with the children assuming the role of parent for their aging parents who are nearing the end of their lives. Her mother's tender hands guided and supported Charlotte as a child and as an elderly parent, the daughter's strong hands support and nurture the weak, failing hands of her mother. She provides a collection of stories which deal with the challenges that children face as their parents' age and must endure diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, and other facets of dementia. Her insights are highlights of hope, faith, and love to help prepare everyone who ultimately faces the challenges of aging parents. Here is a reference book for everyone who needs the hands of love to caress their aging parents."

Jim Galbraith, Ed.D.